Bee Monitoring Project - Lower Pertwood Organic Farm



With kind permission from owner Mr Wilfred Mole, and in partnership with apiologist Jonathan Powell, Trustee of the Natural Beekeeping Trust, BeeAware has set up bee monitoring stations at Lower Pertwood Organic Farm, in the rolling hills of Wiltshire.


BeeAware uses its own cutting-edge technology to record footage of honeybees in and around the bee nests at Pertwood, which are managed using natural beekeeping methods (no chemicals used and no honey taken).


Our monitoring stations comprise a 3D printed sensor module, including a high-quality camera and other sensors, linked to a computer module which consists of a battery pack, power controller, computer and storage device. This module is stored in a camouflaged weather-proof box, with the whole system powered solely by a solar panel.


The computer collects and processes the incoming data streams which are then stored, with the storage device being swapped out regularly. Data is uploaded to a separate computer which runs machine learning programs. These count the bees and analyse their behaviour and activity, correlated with environmental conditions.


We are collecting data until November 2023 and preparing for field experiments, with a view to running a possible multi-year study, subject to findings and review.